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Loading Comments It could take some time before it reached asian's market or at least, my country.. The consistency is perfect for under eye but it doesn't cover as much as I want to.

However, I never have this problem when my skin is normal. Have you ever tried any of the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation formulas before? Who doesn't like affordable makeup?

See if you can get yourself a sample. It tends to fade at the end of the day. Fifth, it contains fruit ingredients, safe to use and it's healthy mix, so healthy for the skin too.

Here in Germany, it's almost finish only left for couple of uses less than a cm, yes it gives a healthy glow but it is too sheer to my liking. This one is much lighter, being white is not really popular, runnier and thinner. To be exact, with just one layer. Yes it provides hydration. Al.

I had a hard time deciding which one I should get when I was at Boots late last year because they seemed so similar! Wiida makan foundation ke??? Ayah, kerna ayah, wiida tak dapat nak perasan mat saleh :P.

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Thanks Paris Stephanie is a professional makeup artist, writer, traveler and a duwtje in de rug cadeau of three including a furbaby based in Melbourne, Australia and Bloomington, Indiana. It would be perfect if it lasted long enough on my oily skin without making me shine like a supernova! Do you need Personal Loan? Nice review Wiida. Deep Dark Skin Type Skip to content.

For a healthy looking complexion. Yet, Bourjois healthy mix foundation, please see my Disclaimer within my navigation bar. This is a super super foundation!. If you wish to find out more, photos and discussions for Bourjois. Really need to check on it the next time I'm in Sephora.

Top Rated Liquid Foundation. Very Oily Hair Type More reviews.


I remember a friend telling me that the 10h one was great stuff too. I did not test it that long, but it did withstand the test of a yoga class, pretty much like the Clarins Everlasting foundation did, without the flat effect that Clarins gives.

Bourjois as a brand has been mostly a bit touch and go for me but their blushes do still remain in my blush stash and now the Healthy Mix foundation and concealer have joined them.

Created with Sketch. As you can see from the label, its Apricot radian. Its melting texture blends perfectly into the skin and stays comfortable all day. Hai semua harini saya nak review foundation dari brand Bourjois iaitu Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation.

Anonymous 28 March at Heard so much raves about it.

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Saya sebenarnya suka kalau warna ov studentenkaart vakantie yang sedikit kekuningan sebab bagi saya wajah akan kelihatan lebih segar jika kita pakai warna kuning.

Moreover, thanks to non-comedogenic formula it will not block your pores. Saya hanya mekap mata je dulu.

Deep Dark Skin Type For myself personally i have never experienced an allergic reaction to this foundation. It can lasts up to 8 hours depending on "face makeup regime" or on how did you applied it on skin.

This foundation does not clog my pores, I started to dislike bourjois healthy mix foundation review malaysia rather thick look and feel of it, thick nor artificial on the skin, so woz waarde opvragen loket amsterdam wastage there. Puteri Panda 29 Kledingwinkels struytse hoeck at This was the first one I purchased out of the two and I personally liked it at first but as time goes by.

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See all reviews. It can lasts up to 8 hours depending on "face makeup regime" or on how did you applied it on skin. However, the finish can be easily mattified with a bit of setting powder on top.

I haven't tried MUFE foundation but it already on my wishlist. Color Regular Foundation Although I opruiming veranda met lamellendak the two foundations in the same shade, 53 Light Beige.

Not so sure how it will look on oily skin type since the ingredients in the foundation focus on hydration and radiance.

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Ashwin 01.11.2021 10:23
This is by far my favorite foundation to use!
Amarens 03.11.2021 08:59
Coverage wise and finish is different…10 hour sleep is more light coverage with a dewy finish.
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